What Leadership Training Courses Can Do for Your Organization

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Low retention. High turnover. Young, talented employees hopping from one job to the next. High costs of retraining after these talented individuals leave. These are realities every company is dealing with in 2019, especially with such a hot job market and so much opportunity to be had.

More so, many organizations are facing issues with low morale, lack of momentum, and reactionary environments vs. proactive environments as a symptom of this turnover.

So how can we slow down the bleeding? What solutions do we have to help us retain our future potential leaders within our organization? How can we keep morale and momentum strong and give us the opportunity to focus on the business, the products, or the customers instead of focusing on who we need to refill and replace this week?

One potential solution: Offer leadership training programs to all leaders within your organization.

Here are three reasons why you should implement a leadership training system:

1.  Allow your leaders to grow

Deep down everyone, especially young talent with a bright, optimistic future, has a craving to reach their highest potential. We all want to understand and shine light on our purpose to fulfill the reason we are here. It’s human nature. It’s in our DNA.

When it comes to reaching our potential as a great leader, however, we aren’t always sure where to begin. Of the leaders Navigator has surveyed in the past 14 months, 100% are interested in becoming a better leader, but 92% aren’t completely sure on how to improve their skills. Offering training for leadership growth and development can motivate your leaders to take steps towards reaching that potential, providing inspiration and resources to make a difference in the lives of others by becoming a stronger leader.

2.  Prove to everyone you’re willing to invest in your employees

A simple rule of leadership: Everyone wins when a leader gets better. The leader wins because they are more equipped to lead and influence their people. The employees win because a better leader means more trust, more empowerment, better communication, and a clearer vision of the future.

Ultimately, people take notice when the company invests in leadership training. It creates excitement for the leaders, especially young leaders who value growth and would like to rise ranks in their future. It also creates excitement for the employees that aren’t in leadership roles, because they know the decision-makers care enough to take action and improve the culture and workforce.

3.  Get everyone on the same playing field with the vision and mission

Organizations should have values that are articulated, understood, taught, institutionalized, and publicly praised. Seeing these values from start to finish begins with strong leadership. If everyone knows the values, they take ownership and lead one another to adhere to these values. If leadership training hasn’t taken place before in your work environment, and if the program is rolled out the right way, the leaders often get excited. They sense they have the potential to be catalysts for change, feeling as if they are a part of a new, bigger, stronger mission.

Is strong leadership, complete with encouragement, empowerment, teamwork, and honest communication an important value in your organization? Prove to your leaders and workforce that it is by investing in the growth of the leaders. You’ll be amazed at how receptive everyone will be.

Offer leadership training programs to all leaders within your organization.

Offer leadership training programs to all leaders within your organization.

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This blog was written by Nick Sherwood for the Navigator Leadership Corporation.