5 Quick Tips to Increase Your Leadership Influence TODAY

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Looking to increase your influence with the people you lead or the people you work with? Try one of these five quick, easy strategies TODAY that could build your influence and your relationship with others.

  1. Suggest a useful resource – What resource would the other person find valuable, helpful, or interesting? Whether it’s a book, an article, a movie, or a quick video, give them something that picks them up and lets them know you’re thinking of ways to positively impact their future.
  2. Ask them what they’d like to accomplish before the end of the year – Maybe they’ve thought about this, and maybe they haven’t. If they have, listen to what they say and figure out how you can help them get there. If they haven’t, you’ve planted a seed that could lead to a healthy conversation in the near future.
  3. Tell them where they’re excelling and to keep up the good work – Give them some encouragement and let them know you’re seeing the valuable time and energy they’re putting into their work.
  4. Tell them where they’re excelling and offer constructive advice on how to keep climbing the ladder of success – Let them know they are on the path to success and offer ways they can expedite and take advantage of the paths that lie ahead.
  5. Find a way to celebrate as a “thank you” – We all need to step back and appreciate our work from time to time, and appreciation from leaders we respect increases celebration exponentially. Take your people out to lunch, out for a happy hour, or bring in doughnuts and coffee for everyone. Anything that clearly says “thank you” will be recognized by your people.

Looking to increase your influence with the people you lead or the people you work with?

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This blog was written by Nick Sherwood for the Navigator Leadership Corporation.